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Our activities can be followed up whilst playing at home to reinforce your child’s learning

Maths Tots classes have been developed to ensure that children develop an enjoyment and understanding of maths from an early age.

Classes are practical and interactive and ensure that our little Maths Tots have a wide range of activities to explore with their parents.

It is our aim that all children start school with an excellent foundation in the fundamentals of maths and that their parents feel confident in the ways in which they can support their child’s mathematical journey.

Little Counters

Age 1-2½

Number Explorers

Age 2½-Starting School

Our main values

Our Philosophy & Mission

We strive to create a fun, friendly atmosphere for our Maths Tots and their families to learn to love maths together.


Fully Qualified, Experienced Teachers

The Maths Tots programme has been developed by fully qualified, experienced teachers and mathematics consultants. 

Sarah Skelley, Toni Priddey, Clare Forsyth

where to find us

Starting on 20th March 2020, book your place now!

Baby & Toddler Maths Classes

Every Friday from 9:30am

Sandiway Methodist Church, 65 Weaverham Road, Sandiway, Northwich, CW8 2NF.

your questions, answered

Below are the answers to your most commonly asked questions

Why would my toddler benefit from a maths class?

We believe that it is vitally important for children to have secure foundations in the basic skills to enable them to build on these. Our classes are fun and interactive and allow children to explore maths through stories, nursery rhymes, creative activities, music and active learning.  We want children to enjoy maths and to have a good understanding of number, pattern, problem solving and shape to enable them to start school with confidence and a love of maths.

Can’t I just do this at home?

Of course, one of our main aims is to show our Maths Tots and their parents how easy it is to integrate maths into every-day life and to share our love of maths with you.  As parents ourselves, we know how hard it is to keep all of the plates juggling and to remember the kinds of activities that we ‘should’ be doing with our children.  Our classes will have lots of lovely activities ready set out for you and your child to enjoy and you will be able to see which ones you could then consolidate at home. The classes provide children and their parents and grandparents with social experiences which we found important ourselves as parents of young children. Children watch other children and part of their learning is by copying and interacting with others.  We have tried to select our venues based on the opportunity for you to easily grab a cup of tea or coffee after the sessions so that you have the chance to continue to chat with others, if the children let you of course…

How much do the sessions cost?

Sessions are £6 for Pay as you go, each session must be booked in advance to ensure that there is space. If you book a half term of sessions in advance you will receive 10% off and guarantee your space for the half term.

Where and when are the classes?

Classes are currently held on Fridays at Sandiway Methodist Church, CW8 2NF. Age 1 – 2½ from 9:30am to 10:20am. Age 2½ – starting school from 10:50am to 11:40am

If you have any other questions, please call us on 07816 523576 or email us hello@mathstots.co.uk

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