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There are 2 stages within our programme

We are passionate about maths and believe that it is vitally important for children to have secure foundations in the basic skills to enable them to build on these. We want children to enjoy maths and to have a good understanding of number, pattern, problem solving and shape to enable them to start school with confidence and a love of maths.

Little Counters - Age 1-2½

Our Little Counters have lots of fun. They start their learning by beginning to understand what numbers are through singing, listening to nursery rhymes, painting, craft, sand and water activities and using traditional stories and puppets to capture their interest. They have the opportunity to build with shapes, explore positional language, sort objects, and so much more. We look at the importance of giving a number a name and distinguishing between quantities, recognising that a group of objects is more than one. They learn to count objects and begin to understand the meaning of numbers. They respond to questions from their parents and the Maths Tots leader and develop their understanding of the language involved in maths.


Join us every Friday at 9:30 – 10:20am

Number Explorers - Age 2½-Starting School

Our Number Explorers really develop in confidence and continue to have fun while taking part in more structured activities with the Maths Tots group leader. They secure their understanding of numbers to 10 and start to develop an interest in representing numbers in different ways, using different objects, drawing, painting and writing the numbers. They also begin to understand that we can count anything, not just objects and they are given the chance to explore this through music and active learning. They explore shape and positional language by taking part in construction activities and begin to talk about shapes of objects in the environment.


Join us every Friday at 10:50 – 11:40am

Just £6 per session

Classes are to be booked in half term blocks via email or through our online booking form.  10% off block bookings and 10% sibling discount

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Baby & Toddler Maths Classes

Every Friday from 9:30am

Sandiway Methodist Church, 65 Weaverham Road, Sandiway, Northwich, CW8 2NF.

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